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PHD Courses

Here is the list of courses that I have taken so far during my PhD studies. 

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February, 2020

Basics of Research Data Management (3ect)

This was the ultimate course dealing with all aspects of research data management, aiming to give students a rock-solid base for responsible management (including open science aspects). I participated in Interviews (Qualitative Method) to learn the data management ethics and techniques.

University of Turku, Finland

Åbo Akademi University, Finland

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October, 2019

Information seeking for doctoral students (2.5ect)

The course offered information seeking tools, basic skills and information about open science publications. The course offerred a good basic of how to find relevant articles in my field and how and where can I possibly publish my scientific work.

University of Borås. Sweden

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13 May - 19 May, 2019

Citizenship,Welfare and Integration (7.5 ect)

The focus of the course was on the understanding of the concept of citizenship in a context of global restructuring of production, recast welfare and labour market regimes, increasing importance of multilevel modes of governance and expressions of culture and identity in European societies.

Linköping University, Sweden

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October, 2019

Theories of Library & Information Science (10ect)

The course was designed for mainly Nordic Library and Information Studies (LIS) students. The emphasis is laid on a number of research themes, such as: Metaviews in LIS; Information and society; Mediation of literature and culture; Perspectives from reception theory and Sociology of literature; Knowledge & Document management;Scholarly communication;Information behaviour, practices and literacy; and Information retrieval&Interactive information retrieval. The course was useful for me as a new PhD student in LIS field. 

University of Oslo, Norway

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October, 2018

Research Ethics (2ect)

The course provides tools for critical, systematic ethical reflection and resolving complex research ethical issues. The doctoral candidates will learn the central ethical questions and principles in academic research. They will be able to avoid scientific misconduct and questionable research practices in their own research and carry out ethically excellent research.

I took this course during my first year of PhD and useful to attend it but I will have to revise these ethics during practical research field again.

University of Turku, Finalnd

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2018 - Ongoing

Research Seminars (10ect)

We have research seminars in our department of Information Studies at Åbo Akademi University where PhD students, post-docs and other researchers present work-in-progress, projects and research papers. It is a great way to learn about others' work and know about latest work in the field. It is also effective way to enhance the presentation skills and interactions. I do participate in these seminars and enjoy it!

Åbo Akademi, Finland

RDM Course
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