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I am happy to write about my experience on a trip to a charming Finnish archipelago Nagu in Southwest of Finland. Nagu is a small lively archipelago community with 1500 inhabitants all year round and so many tourists in summer. I went to Nagu archipelago because I was selected to go for a Talent Boost program from Åbo Akademi University for one week. It was a one week camp for primarily attending the presentations, lectures, workshops and discussions about the Finnish working environment and finding desired jobs in Finland being an international student. But most importantly, I loved exploring the archipelago, hiking, cyclying, boating, kayaking, surfing, picnicing and seeing animal farms with my friends I met during the camp.

We stayed in a Gammelgård Pizza & Padel Resort ( a cute, peaceful and decorated place for a perfect week stay. We had our talent boost presentations, lectures and workshops also arranged in the hall of the resort. We had suana, pool, and tennis court offered by the resort. And, the bikes were also offered for free. The place was just in the heart of nature. I woke up early every morning to see sunrise in the farms and at the nearest lake and it was the brilliant experience. I went for biking in the evening around the archipelago and to the center. The center is located 2 km away from the resort and easily accessible by biking or even walking.

The peaceful nature, its greenery and birds' singing was the most mesmerizing part of the trip for me. I clicked many pictures of nature and mine too. The weather was a bit chill 14 C most of the days and evenings were a bit windy, but we had sun shsine for two days atleast.

One day, out of the camp, was planned to go to the other part of the archipelago to a beautiful green lake where we went by a tram (clicked in the picture below). It was booked by the resort people for us. The lake was simple amazing. I had a farm tour where I saw animals such as, hens, horses etc. And I could not stop myself to do kayaking and SUP boarding when I noticed we had the opportunity to experience it on that beautiful lake.

I would strongly recommend to visit this peaceful amazing place Nagu archipelago in summer and enjoy the nature and summer activities.

Khadijah Kainat
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