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Meet Khadijah


I am a doctoral student in Information Studies and Minorities Reserach Profile at Åbo Akademi University, Finland, under the supervison of Professor Gunilla Widén and teacher Eeva-Liisa Eskola. My dissertation research is a qualitative study on information practices, information literacy in soscial media and socio-cultural challenges of women refugees in integration in Sweden. The research methods I am using are the participant observation, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions. My research interests include information practices, information landsacpe, cultural landscape, socio-cultural aspects, forced migration, refugees, and integration. Recently, I have developed interest in exploring the impact of covid-19 on information behavior of minority groups in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Previously, I have been working as a visiting researcher at University of Borås, Sweden and had the pleasure to learn and work with capable professors, researcher and doctoral students in the Swedish School of Library and Information Science. 

I am passionate about my research but at the same time, concerned about my 'Life Outsife PhD'. I do write and share blogs about how I personally balance my work and social life. I also write blogs about my PhD experiences, stories on how I achieved my goals, rejections and failures and how I get motivated through this journey. I do write micro-blogs on Instagram @diijas_life. Outside PhD life, I love to travel, explore the world, cook healthy desserts, workout, eat healthy, live healthy, listen music, make new friends, swim, take pictures and learn Swedish language. 

I have come up with the idea of creating a place (this blog site) to share my professional and personal experiences and get to know your experiences as well. This is a hub for researchers who are seeking for motivation, learnings from others' experiences and a space to socialize. Anyone who is related/not-related to an academic world including researchers, doctoral students, teachers and professors are welcomed to explore my thoughts and true experiences through this hub. This is the hub for solo-female-travellers and all kind of travellers who wants to get inspired by my travelling experiences. 

Let's continue the conversation on the hub, my blogs, Instagram or send me an email on

Read about my research here

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