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Failures are part of our life and we cannot escape it at any stage of life. 

Failures are where change happens and failures make us learn important lessons. I have faced many failures in my life, here are some failures particularly during my academic life and the list is still on going. These are the unsuccessful attempts and past failures that have taken most the time, focus and energy of my life yet unrecognized. Anyway, writing many grant proposals and scholarship applications was a great learning for me to grow from failure to success. 


a) Degree programs I did not get into

  1. PhD program in Management, University of Manchester, UK (2015)

  2. Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) in University of Oulu, Finland (2016)

  3. MDP in International Business and Sales Management in University of Eastern Finland (2016)

  4. Master’s program in International Business in University of Vaasa, Finland (2016)

  5. Master’s program in Global Innovation Management in University of Turku, Finland (2016)

  6. PhD position in Information Studies, Department of Information Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2018)


b) Fellowship I did not get 

  1. Visiting research fellowship at the Refugee Studies Center, University of Oxford, UK (2019)


c) Grant & Scholarship I did not get

  1. The Finnish Cultural Foundation, doctoral research grant (2018, 2019)

  2. Otto A. Malm Foundation, doctoral research grant (2018)

  3. Jenny § Antti Wihuri Foundation, doctoral research grant (2018)

  4. KONE Foundation, doctoral research grant (2018)

  5. Kunnallisalan kehittämissäätiö - KAKS Foundation, doctoral research grant (2018)

  6. Alfred Kordelinin Säätiö Foundation, research grant (2018)

  7. Kansan Sivistysrahasto Foundation, Scholarship for research work (2018)

  8. Åbo Akademi research scholarship (one year) (2018)

  9. Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, research grant (2018)

d) Jobs I did not get

  1. Executive and Office Assistant, WOLT, Finland (2018)

  2. Marketing Assistant, S Market, Finland (2018)

  3. Research Assistant, The Institute of Migration, Finland (2018)

  4. Diversity and Inclusion Specialist Intern, The Shortcut, Finland (2019)

  5. Trainee, IM, Cargotec, Finland (2019)

  6. Kitchen Assistant, Mexican Restaurant, Finland (2018)

  7. Restaurant Assistant, Woolshed, Finland (2018)

  8. Cleaner, Winclean, Finland (2018)

  9. Cashier and Waitress, University Cafeteria, Finland (2018)

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